Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Long Does An Artificial Knee Last My ACL Knee Replacement Is Now 10 Years Old....How Long Should It Last?

My ACL Knee replacement is now 10 years old....How long should it last? - how long does an artificial knee last

I had my ACL completely renovated in May '96.
One of the first made by Mr. (Dr.) John Fairclough.
I think now I'm excited and knee instability.
Dislocations say bloody ...!! injured
Obviously, you can exercise to help because it is an artificial ligamemt.
Question should really lasted forever?
I paid 5,000 pounds for the last operation and not, as I could afford it again!
Doubts as to the NHS is to an ex. Private?
Ideas please?


minotaur said...

I had my ACL reconstruction by Buddy Fairclough Magnussen 16 years ago, and I'd have done some repairs on some cartiledge. They took a good overview of the ACL graft and said it was ok - yes, it is much more flexible than before, but I have to work my quads and other muscles of the knee is in such good shape as possible, because it offers additional support. I had all my knee surgery in the NHS - for a total of about 6 or more today - about 5 per square of 1 years since my knee was completely destroyed were motivated by two idiots on a motorcycle.

Exercise is absolutely essential - you need to maintain the proper muscle development to support the knee. If you are getting the severe pain, get it checked out. I came to the point where I was in total agony, but fortunately turned out to be some damage cartiledge probably derived from the original accident. First, talk to your doctor - there is no need to tell you that the surgery was performed and ask for advice - which may be located in a physiotherapy practice or just some orthapaedic. I larges get it checked out - if not, there is a problem with the ACL graft, if it does it may do if it gets too bad. You have to take care of your knees - I lived with my since I have 15 years. It was horrible surgery again, but it's worth the long term. Get a check - no matter where and how they are before the Op.

OP, I had exactly the same as you - check the tips above - I know what I will be replacing my 16 years of experience foreign to the anterior cruciate ligament with the patellar tendon graft fixed with screws. Nowadays they use a kind of special screws, which dissolve slowly, with the "graft bone here, so metal is not necessary and no more huge scars - my knee is like a battlefield.

steph j said...

The NHS working in a number of former private patients. I do not know about the replacement of ligaments know, joints up to 18 years guaranteed, depending on the piece and cement used.

animalwa... said...

I had a knee replacement surgery 3 years ago in a private hospital, l0 costs grand.Anyway me, they told me only last year for me and will be replaced, it again.i fear.
The next time I will not have the money to private hospital.The idea to pay a patient of the NHS is now fully in abora me.Shared rooms, bad food, no privacy.
Please let me money in the lottery, we do not have to bear it.
You can not do in the NHS as to who will be made in private nursing care before, after you've saved all the money the NHS is not the first time Good luck, I know the pain you are aweful, agony.Best Dihydrocodien analgesics .

jbland1@... said...

Do not assume that the NHS would not intervene, because this is so. Most joint replacement as long as the glues used queues to improve more on the joints.

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